The Breaking Point

Everybody has a physical breaking point. That threshold when the body is like ‘no way, I cannot handle anymore toxic overload. I’m breaking down.’ There will be signals that precede the breakdown – fatigue, depression, weight gain, skin rashes or acne, loss of libido – are a few. Hopefully some of you are at the point where you can turn your health around now, and avoid the breakdown – which shows up differently for everyone – like MS, diabetes, arthritis. But, even if you are someone who has gone all the way over into the ‘breakdown’ stage, and have been diagnosed with  auto-immunity, or even cancer, there is hope.

In our world today, our bodies are dealing with so much toxicity, in the air, in the chemicals all around us – I mean we sleep every night on mattresses sprayed in flame retardant, a powerful chemical that is not so good for the human body. What is amazing, is how much our bodies can deal with – our bodies are so strong! Since we are attached to this body for our entire lives, it makes sense to give it as much support as we can. Why overload it with further toxins, in the areas we can actually control?

In the case of auto-immunity, there are three elements that must be present in order to reach that threshold into disease. The first is the genetic predisposition to auto-immunity. It’s in the genes, baby. The second is that monster called stress. And the third is diet. When all three aspects are present, the threshold into auto-immunity is inevitable. But, I have proven that it is possible to put a full-on auto-immune condition into remission.

How? There are many layers to the process, all of which I will share on this blog. We can simplify it though, and say that two of these elements are under our control – stress and diet – diet being a good starting place. As we understand how what we eat impacts our health, we can make wise choices in terms of what we put into our bodies. I found that the biggest empowerment in this area comes from knowledge, understanding how our bodies actually work. The myriad causes of stress make it harder to manage. We hear ‘you must control your stress levels’ and sometimes it’s like – sure, like that’s possible. It is possible, but due to the complexity of this issue, we will come back to this in future posts.

It is wise to think of our bodies as a series of interconnected systems. When one system starts to fail, a chain reaction goes off inside of our bodies, and the result is inflammation and disease.

When someone has an auto-immune disease such as Hashimoto’s, they take a thyroid hormone replacement which replaces the hormone that the body is missing, but it does NOT repair the thyroid gland, and it does NOT stop the out of control parts of your immune system from attacking your thyroid gland. If you go through your life JUST taking synthroid (as an example), and implementing no other healing practices, it is likely that eventually your thyroid will be completely destroyed.

This is no small matter. The thyroid gland, although small, is a crucial player in the mechanics of being alive. It is shaped like a butterfly, and it wraps around the windpipe on three sides. The function of this little butterfly is to secrete hormones that deliver energy to every cell of the body. If you think your cells can function without energy, think again. In other words, if you have Hashimoto’s and you bury your head in the sand, you will become increasingly dependent on thyroid replacement hormones, as your little butterfly continues to be ruthlessly attacked and destroyed.

If you have hypothyroid, I would recommend asking your Doctor to check your thyroid antibodies, to see if you have Hashimoto’s. In my research, I came across so many stories where people did not even know they had Hashimoto’s for years and years – in fact, this happened to me. Many times if you are hypothyroid, you have Hashimoto’s and the attack on the thyroid is causing your thyroid to be under active.

Take charge of your health now, wherever on the spectrum you may lie! We have a huge opportunity to do this, in the area of diet. Your Grandma didn’t say ‘You are what you eat.’ for nothing. For me, someone who thought I was eating healthily for years, and was not eating an ideal diet for my unique composition, educating myself about how the body actually works was a crossroads in my life. Each of us is as unique as a snowflake. We can delve in and discover what diet is best for us, and impact our health, upgrading the quality of our lives forever. In the next post we will look at this further.


One thought on “The Breaking Point

  1. I loved the visual of the thyroid/butterfly ~ the feeling of compassion for our organs came rushing in and the desire to support our body became more real 🙂


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