Bone Broth Saves The Day


After eliminating various key players from my diet, including sugar, gluten and dairy, I was no stranger to will power and cleansing. But, what really saved the day and eradicated the daily hives, had nothing to do with denying myself anything. Instead, it had to do with adding something.

For me, true healing came down to the bone broth. I know that cleansing prepared my body to receive – to reap the benefits of the broth. But the step in my year to heal that made the biggest difference in how I felt (and looked) was this simple soup.

I always found it so silly that when someone was ill, the neighbors brought warmed Campbell’s soup. I never liked that stuff and I strongly doubted its ability to heal anything. I was right – it doesn’t. But the idea behind this custom is solid, and comes from a distant time when canned soup was not yet a reality. If one wanted broth, one made it from scratch.

Homemade bone broth soup is a powerhouse of healing. For real.

I had eaten what I called ‘the mermaid diet’ for twenty years – no meat, except wild-caught fish, vegetables – and lots of gluten. For some reason, I never questioned the gluten, even though now that I think about it, a virtual mermaid would not be eating french bread. But, I saw it as an innocuous food substance that didn’t require questioning. Bread, bagels, pasta – I took them all as just part of being alive. Turns out, eating gluten in every meal was not helping – it was actually harming my intestinal tract. But that’s another post.

The point here is that since I ate no meat, there were important amino acids that my body was missing. The beauty part is I still don’t have to chew steak if I don’t want to (I don’t know why the thought horrifies me). I do have to be very aware of getting enough protein. I eat nuts, seeds, salmon and avocados often. I have also added eggs to the roster.

But, the tonifying and strengthening aspects of meat, I can drink. On a Winter’s day, a hot mug of steamy bone broth has replaced my afternoon coffee, and my entire body has thanked me.

In a past post I discussed the phenomena of intestinal permeability – or the ‘leaky guy’, and how this condition contributes to autoimmunity and allergies. This is where bone broth comes in and saves the day, just like a super hero. The elements in the bone broth actually heal the intestinal wall. The collagen fortifies the all-important barrier between your GI tract and your bloodstream. Your GI tract hosts many things from the outside world, from food to bacteria to dust – and when functioning right, your intestinal wall kicks out the bad guests, right down through the colon and out. But, when it is NOT functioning at its best, this wall lets junk into your blood. Not good, right?

Enter bone broth. Time to fortify that wall. Time to strengthen, from the inside out.

My hives have gone, never to return. This alone feels like a miracle. They left during the 30 day period I spent last September, eating NO sugar whatsoever, and drinking PLENTY of bone broth. This was no coincidence.

I feel stronger, with more energy. The easily digestible amino acids and Vitamin B that is found in the broth gave my body just what it had been looking for – for years. My skin glows. I am forty years old, yet my skin has taken on a youthful glow, since starting the broth.

And, if you don’t like the flavor, don’t worry. You can hide the broth in sauces, soups or stews. Come to find out, fine French cuisine calls for bone broth to make most of its sauces.

How do I make mine, you may ask. Easy.

1. Buy quality grass-fed beef bones. Marrow bones are fabulous.

2. Roast a few bones in the oven at 400, to bring out a yummy flavor.

3. Place bones in large soup pot and cover with a generous amount of filtered water.

4. Add a couple tablespoons apple cider vinegar.

5. Let it sit without heat for a half hour. The vinegar will begin to pull minerals from the bones.

6. Add lots of garlic cloves, a few halved onions, sea salt and ground black pepper. Bring to a boil for a couple of minutes.

7. Turn the heat to low, cover and let it simmer for 30 hours. Yep, 30.

8. Strain the broth through a wire mesh, into mason jars.

9. Keep in fridge for a week, heating some up as needed.

10. Drink or cook with it, and watch yourself grow younger before your eyes.

I will soon post some recipes I have created, using the broth. Cheers!


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