green water

Every day we make choices. We choose the first thoughts that enter our mind upon awakening in the morning and we choose what thoughts we will continue to energize.

Will we turn on the computer first thing and bombard ourselves with news – goings on from all over the planet? And, if we do, how does this affect our thinking for the rest of the day? Does this act send our minds whirling, taking our anxiety levels along with them on a fast-paced and hectic ride?

It is interesting to observe how one choice leads to another throughout our day. We follow a pathway of our own making, starting with the quality of our thoughts.

When we wake up, our minds are more quiet than at any other time during the day. Taking five minutes to nourish ourselves with deep breathing can change the entire course of our day, and thus our lives. Did you know that the lungs are not actually muscles, and the only way they expand is through the pull of the diaphragm and two other muscles? Waking up and choosing to JUST BREATHE, to just focus on the expansion of the lungs and the subsequent exhalation, can be life-changing. Oxygen is, after all, the only element the human body cannot live without for more than three to five minutes, signifying its importance.

Nourishing ourselves this way can lead to opportunities we may otherwise miss.

For example, the other day I was planning to do laundry and clean. After my morning meditation during which I oxygenated myself through deep breathing, and calmed my mind by reaching beyond its chatter to the silent field of potentiality that lies beyond mind noise,  I looked out my window and saw that the sun was shining. From my centered, calm space I realized that I could go into the forest and experience all the day had to offer.

And so, I did.

And I found this place, a waterfall I’d never been to before. I received generous amounts of vitamin D, a crucial vitamin in healing autoimmunity. It was a truly beautiful day that expanded my consciousness and enlivened my cells.

I was able to wake up early the following morning and clean – yes the laundry was still there, waiting – and the day was overcast. But if I had rushed into that previous morning, diving headlong into news and whirling thoughts, I would not have been in the same mental space, and I probably would not have ventured into the forest in search of a new waterfall.

Even workdays are enhanced when we take five to thirty minutes to breathe and calm the mind in the morning. As we move into our day, our choices are better, our communications clearer. Each choice, each conversation, has the potential to alter the course of our lives in some small – and sometimes big – way.

Calming our minds, reaching beyond them to the quiet field of potentiality and looking around there, makes life oh-so-interesting! In this space we can activate our consciousness and elevate the quality of our lives entirely.


2 thoughts on “A New Waterfall

  1. My to do list for today: 1. count my blessings (gratitude) 2. Practice kindness 3. Let go what you can’t control 4. Listen to my heart (meditation) 5. Be productive yet calm 6. Just breathe.


    1. Thanks for sharing, Kim. I love your to do list; it is neat how your list could fit into just about any style of day. I bet you are more focused at work, or taking care of children when practicing the list. Even busy days have time to fit this list in. And play or rest days can fill up our energetic cup so that we are overflowing.


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