A Brand New You


In this post I will introduce the concept that is the cornerstone of my healing work. The system of healing that I have developed and implemented in my own life relies heavily on the framework of this concept. Although seemingly esoteric, the work I have done on this level has proven most effective in actually healing Hashimoto’s. I believe that this theory will be a valuable addition to any healing program – including preventative ones.

The following is an introduction to the theory of the subtle body, the term I use to refer to what Deepak Chopra calls the quantum mechanical body. Chopra explains that in Ayurveda – the ancient system of healing from India – all of the organs and processes in the body have a quantum equivalent. Essentially, he is referring to the fact that each of us has a body that exists on the quantum level – a layer of ourselves so subtle that many of us have no idea that it exists.

I have always had a fascination with physics – how the material world works and the laws that govern it. When I began reading about quantum physics a few years ago, I was instantly captivated.

At the beginning of the last century, the great Albert Einstein began the shift in the scientific worldview away from the belief that the primary building blocks of reality are comprised of solid matter, to the new viewpoint that the smallest unit of matter is in fact, energy. Thus, quantum physics was born. The word quantum is defined as ‘the most basic unit of energy – from 10,000,000 to 100,000,000 million times smaller than the atom’. Einstein proved that rather than being solid matter – as was previously thought – the atom is actually made up of tiny bits of matter whirling at incredibly fast speeds around a relatively gigantic empty space. These bits of subatomic matter are vibrations of energy that have appeared like matter. And so, we now know that at its smallest level, matter is actually energy, and that at the most basic level of the human body exists a field of energy. This is not ‘woo-woo’ thinking – it is scientific fact.

How does all of this relate to our physical healing? In the words of Chopra, “when you strip off its physical mask, a cell is really a junction point between matter and consciousness, a station where the quantum mechanical body and the outside world intersect.” When we are healthy and whole in our cells, we experience true health and well being. Therefore, for any deep and lasting healing to occur, we must heal at a cellular level. We must connect with the quantum field, the very building block of matter, where the blueprint to our physical body exists.

In my next blog post – coming soon – I will discuss the next level of this concept, and how we can begin to influence our quantum mechanical, or subtle body, and bring about a brand new day in our lives, in which we are healthy, strong and empowered from the deepest inner level, out.

For now, consider the reality that you are made up of energy, and that science has identified this energy, and called it ‘quantum’. As you go through your day, check in periodically with this new knowledge and begin to embrace the empowering truth that there is more to you than you may have thought. Let it sink in: you have the ability to affect your cells and physical body by identifying with a newly discovered level of YOU.


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