A Brand New You: Part Two


In my last post, I talked about the concept of the subtle body. I defined this term as the energetic field that underlies our physical body.

Quantum Physics has shown that the building blocks of matter are actually bits of energy. This opens up a fascinating discussion in relation to healing.

Our cells are constantly being recreated. I have read many scientific articles discussing this process. One scientist that explains it clearly is Margaret Thompson Reece, PhD, Physiologist and Research Scientist. She writes about how it has been proven that most bodily cells are younger than the individual. Certain brain cells, heart cells, and the inner lens cells of the eye last us our lifetimes. The other cells undergo a process of renewal, allowing them to exchange old, tired models for brand new ones. If you average out the amount of time it takes them to do this, you get the number seven. And so, every seven years you essentially become new.

I am proposing that it is possible to affect this process, consciously.

Sure, we can live on autopilot and our cells will do their thing naturally, according to how they did it before. But what happens when something goes awry in this process? Cancer, perhaps.

What if we decide to become more involved in our own renewal process? What if we nurture ourselves in such a way that we can override faulty programming at the cellular level, and actually choose healthy new cells when the time comes for them to be renewed? Imagine the quality of life that becomes possible.

The way to accomplish this is to begin the practice of shifting awareness from its ordinary state, to the higher consciousness that each of us has access to. We can do this in the comfort of our own home, on our own time. It is a matter of taking the time to expand the capacity of our brain, pushing its frontiers and elevating its function from ‘business as usual’ to a consciousness that transcends ordinary thinking.

Simply sit. Breathe. Keep the eyes still, not darting all around. Ask yourself the question: Who am I really? Am I my brain, the mass of grey matter that works better than any computer? The answer may be: Partly, but I am also something more – I can feel it.

I believe that there is one more piece to the body that we can’t easily see. This piece has a natural ethics and a higher intelligence. Let’s call it the conscious self.

Begin to identify with your conscious self. And use this consciousness to engage your brain. Use the brain as the tool it is, and have it direct your cells to BE HEALTHY. Focus attention and energy on visualizing your cells, and how they are the very stuff you are made of. Then, focus on them renewing in a HEALTHY and VIBRANT fashion.

You may laugh at this practice, and call it impossible.

Or, you may try it, and find yourself growing healthier, rather than declining into old age with a groan of pain at all the states of imbalance that sometimes come with it.

 What if over time, you trained your mind to consciously affect the state of your cells. What if?


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