After the Darkest Day, A New Light is Born

Celebrating New Light

This morning is dark, rainy and cold. But somehow, instead of feeling depressing, it feels mysterious – a beckoning to slow down, rest, breathe. While we are pulled a thousand different directions at this time of year, it is – for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere – actually the best time of all to stop the incessant rushing and go within.

There is something magical about this time –  and not the flashy, busy type of magic. This is a quiet, still magic, heavy with possibility, if we allow it. In fact, magic isn’t even the right word for what hangs subtly in the air along with the mist, rain and snow. Is there even a word to describe the mysterious, gentle light that we must focus on deeply to see, this time of year? A light all the more wonderful because of its subtle nature.

I invite you to click on the above link and enjoy my article on the Winter Solstice, published on page 107 of Bella Mia Magazine.

My Bachelor’s degree is in Anthropology. This background inspired me to research how a group of ancient people, the Celtic’s of Ireland, viewed the astrologically significant event of the Winter Solstice. Regardless of your faith, or lack thereof, there is something unique about this time, the shortest day of the year, that gives way to new light as we tilt closer to the sun, once again.

Happy Holidays to each of you!

And if it doesn’t feel particularly happy for whatever reason, I wish you peace. May the coming year be the one that we find clarity as a human race, and begin moving into a better time.