When the Light Shines


After I was diagnosed with the autoimmune disorder, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, I went through a dark time. It was depressing to try to accept that the lack of energy and brain fog I had been experiencing for almost a year would never go away. Not to mention the horrible hives that covered my skin every morning and evening that had not abated, even after being treated for this condition.

As a person who loves yoga, and understands the value of accepting things as they are, I was frustrated because something within my spirit refused to allow me to accept THIS.

I was so tired. I remember looking at the clock to see that it was 9 am, after getting my little girl off to school, and being totally overwhelmed. 9 am? But, I’m ready for bedtime NOW. You mean I have to make it through at least twelve more hours? The thought was daunting.

It was impossible to explain this to the people in my life. As they had nothing to relate it to in their own experience, I held my tongue, not interested in coming off as lazy on top of everything else. I knew I wasn’t lazy – just TIRED. There is a profound difference.

When I decided that I was not going to accept this state of being – NO WAY – I began researching and learning. As I empowered myself with understanding, it became clear what I had to do. I developed a year-long program to heal myself, because the more I learned about autoimmunity, the more I realized that it would take a year to heal. That the layers of complexity involved would take time to unravel, was clear. The body is remarkable and intricate, a puzzle to solve.

As I gained momentum in my year to heal, the darkness parted and the light shined through. It is amazing how when the light shines into a dark place in our lives, it is more beautiful than we have ever seen it: the brightness in such contrast to the denseness that it pierces, its triumph is invigorating.

As I emerged from the cloud of fatigue I was transformed. As I embraced a year to heal – even though it was hard work – my entire being was renewed. And so, the sickness becomes the catalyst for the greatest growth. If you are tired or sick or sorrowful, know this:

“Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls.

The most massive characters are seared with scars.”

   ~Khalil Gabrin

Once I was well past the overwhelming fatigue, the hives and the despair, and the light had shined into my life, I began to realize: this light has come from a place beyond the ordinary. There is more to it than can be understood with the intellect, or comprehended with the brain. This beautiful mystery is captivating, and gives life a feeling of underlying excitement. To discover the nature of this light is motivating, and engages us beyond our usual senses, carrying us into a state of wonder and aliveness.

“Sunlight fell upon the wall; the wall received a borrowed splendor.

Why set your heart on a piece of earth, O simple one?

Seek out the Source which shines forever.”



A Brand New You


In this post I will introduce the concept that is the cornerstone of my healing work. The system of healing that I have developed and implemented in my own life relies heavily on the framework of this concept. Although seemingly esoteric, the work I have done on this level has proven most effective in actually healing Hashimoto’s. I believe that this theory will be a valuable addition to any healing program – including preventative ones.

The following is an introduction to the theory of the subtle body, the term I use to refer to what Deepak Chopra calls the quantum mechanical body. Chopra explains that in Ayurveda – the ancient system of healing from India – all of the organs and processes in the body have a quantum equivalent. Essentially, he is referring to the fact that each of us has a body that exists on the quantum level – a layer of ourselves so subtle that many of us have no idea that it exists.

I have always had a fascination with physics – how the material world works and the laws that govern it. When I began reading about quantum physics a few years ago, I was instantly captivated.

At the beginning of the last century, the great Albert Einstein began the shift in the scientific worldview away from the belief that the primary building blocks of reality are comprised of solid matter, to the new viewpoint that the smallest unit of matter is in fact, energy. Thus, quantum physics was born. The word quantum is defined as ‘the most basic unit of energy – from 10,000,000 to 100,000,000 million times smaller than the atom’. Einstein proved that rather than being solid matter – as was previously thought – the atom is actually made up of tiny bits of matter whirling at incredibly fast speeds around a relatively gigantic empty space. These bits of subatomic matter are vibrations of energy that have appeared like matter. And so, we now know that at its smallest level, matter is actually energy, and that at the most basic level of the human body exists a field of energy. This is not ‘woo-woo’ thinking – it is scientific fact.

How does all of this relate to our physical healing? In the words of Chopra, “when you strip off its physical mask, a cell is really a junction point between matter and consciousness, a station where the quantum mechanical body and the outside world intersect.” When we are healthy and whole in our cells, we experience true health and well being. Therefore, for any deep and lasting healing to occur, we must heal at a cellular level. We must connect with the quantum field, the very building block of matter, where the blueprint to our physical body exists.

In my next blog post – coming soon – I will discuss the next level of this concept, and how we can begin to influence our quantum mechanical, or subtle body, and bring about a brand new day in our lives, in which we are healthy, strong and empowered from the deepest inner level, out.

For now, consider the reality that you are made up of energy, and that science has identified this energy, and called it ‘quantum’. As you go through your day, check in periodically with this new knowledge and begin to embrace the empowering truth that there is more to you than you may have thought. Let it sink in: you have the ability to affect your cells and physical body by identifying with a newly discovered level of YOU.

The Gluten Piece

I know, I know, everyone has heard the term ‘gluten-free’ by now. In fact, some are sick and tired of hearing it, annoyed at how fad-ridden modern health and nutrition has become. But, this is one fad that has serious solidity.

It’s not true for everyone, and some lucky folk can enjoy glutinous products daily. However, I believe there are many more gluten-sensitive individuals than realize it. I was one of them my whole life. When I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s, I dove into books, articles and seminars on human physiology like a hot person diving into a lake on a summer’s day. That’s when I discovered how big a piece of the health puzzle gluten really is.

Hashimoto’s is always seen in conjunction with what has become known as a ‘leaky gut’, which is common for intestinal permeability. Even if you don’t have an auto-immune condition, it is important to understand the concept of intestinal permeability. The symptoms can be subtle, but the health implications can haunt you down the road if this is left unhealed. The small intestine is an important organ, and when it becomes permeable – when it has small holes in it – bad things happen. Particles that are not supposed to escape into the bloodstream, now can.

Out-of-control sugar or yeast can actually poke holes in your intestinal wall. Yeast is a powerful substance that when fed, grows aggressively. I never had typical systems of yeast, but I’m pretty sure I had a systemic yeast that caused havoc. So, even if you don’t have the usual symptoms such as yeast infections, if you have eaten a lot of sugar, bread, pasta etc. in your lifetime, you may want to consider a cleanse. I will be talking in detail about my gentle cleanse and how to do it, in a later post.

Did you know that gluten is actually a protein? Yep, and on a molecular level, it is a strong protein chain that is difficult for some people’s digestive system to break. Proteins are not meant to be released from the small intestine until they are reduced to a single amino acid. If your intestinal wall is compromised, and you are a person who has a hard time breaking down gluten, protein chains that are NOT meant to enter the blood, have an escape route via the weak points.

When the rogue gluten molecules enter the blood, the immune system kicks in, big time. The immune system is like ‘Get those intruders!’. This can show up as an allergic reaction, which is what happened to me in the form of hives. But, there are other, subtle symptoms – like bloating, gas, a feeling of fatigue or heaviness, constipation – to name a few. As the situation worsens over time, more food particles begin escaping, and more allergies are formed, until you feel like you can’t eat anything without a reaction.

This scenario is also a recipe for auto-immunity. An overactive immune system can become confused, until bodily tissue, such as the thyroid gland, starts to be mistaken as an intruder, In fact, the protein chain that comprises the thyroid gland is identical to part of the sequence of the gluten protein. Bizarre, right? Regardless, it is a fact.

I quit eating gluten as the second step in my Year To Heal. I was scared to do it, and I resisted. I am partly Italian, and eating bread and pasta seemed to be a part of me. The emotion before I let go of gluten was huge.

Thankfully, once I actually made the break and totally quit in April of 2014, it was surprisingly easy. The lightness I began to feel only weeks after quitting was so worth it. My stomach felt better all around. I still had hives, but not nearly as bad. Evidently, it can take six months or more for the gluten to clear completely out of your body.

Although the idea of quitting gluten was terrifying, once I understood the gluten/ leaky-gut/ allergy /auto-immune connection, a protective reaction kicked in. I had to protect myself! Health and wellness became my top priority. When you are unwell, you suddenly realize how crucial well-being is – how tied to one’s quality of life. I’ve always wanted to live this life to the fullest, and with a broken down body, living well becomes difficult. I am so grateful that cutting gluten out of my diet has had such a big impact.

There are different levels of gluten sensitivity, from all-out Celiac disease, to mild allergy. If you have bloating or an uncomfortable stomach, you may want to cut it out for a bit and see how you feel.

I have gotten into gluten-free baking, using almond and coconut flours, and it’s amazing the things you can make! I have found some good gluten-free products out there, but you have to be careful not to over-indulge on these because of their density, and always check the ingredient list for sugar or artificial additives, which are not your friends. I like my homemade gluten-free goodies the best, and I will post one of my recipes soon, for you to try.

It is fitting that I am posting this on Valentine’s Day. Taking care of yourself is a form of love. After all, if you don’t nurture and love yourself, from the inside out, it will be hard to truly receive love from someone else. I now think of choosing not to eat gluten, not as a form of sacrifice, but as a form of self-care. I replace gluten with foods that make me feel GOOD. In this way, I let my body know that I love her! You deserve the same, whatever form this takes for you. Happy Valentine’s Day!

I could only quit SUGAR after understanding THIS

So, here I was, faced with the news that I had developed food allergies and autoimmunity, and that I just had to live with these facts and get prepared for a  slow ride into the darkness of ever-worsening disease. Refusing to accept this descent, I dug in and researched. I was suddenly fascinated with the question: How does my body really work?

All my life I had taken for granted that my body worked well –  I had never questioned how. But, now that it seemed to be breaking down, I had to know. I believe life is to be enjoyed and savored. I now realized that to continue this way of living, I better get in touch with the mechanics of this body, because it truly is our vehicle, our vantage point.

One game changing piece of information I discovered is: we don’t actually have one brain, we have two, and if that second brain is unwell, expect chaos.

The second brain is located in the gut, and communicates with the first brain (the one in the head) by a long nerve, called the Vagus Nerve.The Vagus Nerve begins in the brain stem, and wanders throughout the ‘viscera’, or the internal organs, specifically the organs of the chest, abdomen and pelvis. This is where the term ‘visceral reaction’ comes from – referring to a feeling deep in the gut.

What exactly is the gut? The GI (gastrointestinal) Tract is a hollow tube that runs through the body, from the mouth, through the esophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine or colon, and out through the rectum. This is the part of our inner body that is exposed to the outside world, by the things we ingest through our mouths. The Vagus Nerve is constantly using its sensors to see what’s going on in the gut, and sending messages back to the main brain about the state of affairs.

Interesting!! The term ‘gut reaction’ has a scientific basis. Does this have any connection to autoimmunity and allergies? Oh, yeah. I had stumbled across gold with this knowledge. Let me explain.

There is a section of the GI tract that has a whole lot to do with autoimmunity and that is the small intestine. The small intestine is a tubular structure that winds back and forth, so although it is called ‘small’ it is actually quite long. This very important organ has a wall that is not very thick, and that can be delicate. Large particles are not meant to escape this wall, they are meant to be broken down into tiny molecules that our body can use as energy. Anything we can’t use, is supposed to pass into the colon from here, and be expelled.

The problem arises when the wall of our small intestine becomes compromised, because when this happens, large molecules – usually protein chains – escape the intestinal wall and are released into our bloodstream. Now our second brain is shouting out, ‘Call in the troops!’ The troops – the immune system – rev up to annihilate these intruders. When this continues to happen over time, the immune system becomes overactive. In a later post I will go into more detail about how this eventually develops into autoimmunity and food allergies.

In this post, I am shining the spotlight on an unwanted visitor in the GI tract, one that I picture like an evil octopus –  actually, a team of evil octopi – that once introduced, will hold onto the inside of your gut, happy to have found such an awesome home. This evil octopi team is called yeast – once it’s out of control, the term is candida. And quite simply, the culprit is SUGAR. Sugar will destroy the intestinal wall and cause great havoc. That’s right, yeast will destroy the intestinal wall, making it permeable so that large molecules go where they are not supposed to go. Talk about a bad gut feeling.

In my year to heal, the first thing I did in January, was to totally eliminate processed sugar in any form from my diet. Was this hard? At first, yes. And let me tell you, candida is a real bugger to defeat. It took me 9 months to finally kill this invader, and only when I was victorious in this battle, did my hives finally stop.

Step one in your year to heal: Take your sugar bowl, tell it thank you for the good times, and throw out the window. And don’t look back.

Become the Captain of Your Destiny


I talked about how horrible I was feeling in 2013. I haven’t yet mentioned that I actually ended up in the emergency room five times. Each time, my face and/or throat were so puffy and swollen, that my husband and I thought I was going to suffocate. Once in the emergency room, they always pumped me full of Benedryl and a steroid, and the puffiness went down. They sent me away with the advice to take Benedryl, and the diagnoses of an ‘allergic reaction’. We walked out of the emergency room – usually hours later- with the knowledge that I had experienced some sort of allergic reaction, with absolutely no idea what triggered it. This left me in constant, mild state of panic.

My doctor ordered allergy testing, and a couple of things showed up, like oatmeal (are you kidding me?? I have been eating oatmeal my whole life with no reaction, until recently, I was thinking.) Upon doing tons of research, I discovered that our immune systems are like the armed forces, and we actually have four different teams. When conventional medicine does allergy testing, they typically only test one of the teams. So, mine showed that I was just fine with gluten, but I now understand that my body was strongly reacting to gluten with an immune system team, other than the one they tested for.

Keep in mind, that I have never had a problem with food allergies. Well, they tell you that allergies can develop at any time in your life, but they don’t explain why or how. They simply arm you with an epi-pen and tell you to have it on hand at all times, and that you can always call 911. That’s great that I am equipped to handle an emergency, but I was not okay with living my life on the edge like this. I needed to know why and how this change in my body had occurred. The answer surprised me. I will share it all on this blog, over time. I will also discuss how all of this relates to auto-immunity.

The result of my year to heal, is that I no longer experience hives, and I no longer live in fear of a horrible allergic reaction. It feels like a miracle.

Even if you aren’t experiencing full blown allergic reactions, like I was, your body may be having internal issues, and sending you subtle signs, that will later degenerate into disease. Not good. Where does this leave the average person?

I believe that a steady, slow healing program is in order for many of us. We don’t need fad diets that melt the pounds away quickly, or short-term solutions to looking or feeling better. A year is a good amount of time to give yourself for the healing journey, and then the new ways will be deeply ingrained, changing your life forever – and changing the last third of your life profoundly. I believe a total body, multi-system year of healing accompanied by lifestyle changes, can eliminate future calamities such as cancer, lupus, MS and even Alzheimer’s. In this way, we become captains of our own destinies.

When we are captains of our own destinies, life takes on a whole new level of intrigue. With elevated energy levels, we can pursue the things that make life exciting. We can learn to play an instrument or plan an adventure trip, for example. If we’re just struggling to get through the day, the bonuses of life seem overwhelming, like who has energy for that? When our systems are healed, and our bodies are working properly, even our way of thinking is changed in a positive way. We actually see the world differently. What once may have made us feel uncomfortable, or even anxious, now seems exciting and doable. We are truly driving our own ship, instead of simply holding on for dear life, and letting it drive us.

In the next post, I will explain the first step I took, in my Year To Heal.

The Breaking Point

Everybody has a physical breaking point. That threshold when the body is like ‘no way, I cannot handle anymore toxic overload. I’m breaking down.’ There will be signals that precede the breakdown – fatigue, depression, weight gain, skin rashes or acne, loss of libido – are a few. Hopefully some of you are at the point where you can turn your health around now, and avoid the breakdown – which shows up differently for everyone – like MS, diabetes, arthritis. But, even if you are someone who has gone all the way over into the ‘breakdown’ stage, and have been diagnosed with  auto-immunity, or even cancer, there is hope.

In our world today, our bodies are dealing with so much toxicity, in the air, in the chemicals all around us – I mean we sleep every night on mattresses sprayed in flame retardant, a powerful chemical that is not so good for the human body. What is amazing, is how much our bodies can deal with – our bodies are so strong! Since we are attached to this body for our entire lives, it makes sense to give it as much support as we can. Why overload it with further toxins, in the areas we can actually control?

In the case of auto-immunity, there are three elements that must be present in order to reach that threshold into disease. The first is the genetic predisposition to auto-immunity. It’s in the genes, baby. The second is that monster called stress. And the third is diet. When all three aspects are present, the threshold into auto-immunity is inevitable. But, I have proven that it is possible to put a full-on auto-immune condition into remission.

How? There are many layers to the process, all of which I will share on this blog. We can simplify it though, and say that two of these elements are under our control – stress and diet – diet being a good starting place. As we understand how what we eat impacts our health, we can make wise choices in terms of what we put into our bodies. I found that the biggest empowerment in this area comes from knowledge, understanding how our bodies actually work. The myriad causes of stress make it harder to manage. We hear ‘you must control your stress levels’ and sometimes it’s like – sure, like that’s possible. It is possible, but due to the complexity of this issue, we will come back to this in future posts.

It is wise to think of our bodies as a series of interconnected systems. When one system starts to fail, a chain reaction goes off inside of our bodies, and the result is inflammation and disease.

When someone has an auto-immune disease such as Hashimoto’s, they take a thyroid hormone replacement which replaces the hormone that the body is missing, but it does NOT repair the thyroid gland, and it does NOT stop the out of control parts of your immune system from attacking your thyroid gland. If you go through your life JUST taking synthroid (as an example), and implementing no other healing practices, it is likely that eventually your thyroid will be completely destroyed.

This is no small matter. The thyroid gland, although small, is a crucial player in the mechanics of being alive. It is shaped like a butterfly, and it wraps around the windpipe on three sides. The function of this little butterfly is to secrete hormones that deliver energy to every cell of the body. If you think your cells can function without energy, think again. In other words, if you have Hashimoto’s and you bury your head in the sand, you will become increasingly dependent on thyroid replacement hormones, as your little butterfly continues to be ruthlessly attacked and destroyed.

If you have hypothyroid, I would recommend asking your Doctor to check your thyroid antibodies, to see if you have Hashimoto’s. In my research, I came across so many stories where people did not even know they had Hashimoto’s for years and years – in fact, this happened to me. Many times if you are hypothyroid, you have Hashimoto’s and the attack on the thyroid is causing your thyroid to be under active.

Take charge of your health now, wherever on the spectrum you may lie! We have a huge opportunity to do this, in the area of diet. Your Grandma didn’t say ‘You are what you eat.’ for nothing. For me, someone who thought I was eating healthily for years, and was not eating an ideal diet for my unique composition, educating myself about how the body actually works was a crossroads in my life. Each of us is as unique as a snowflake. We can delve in and discover what diet is best for us, and impact our health, upgrading the quality of our lives forever. In the next post we will look at this further.

Vibrancy Is Our Birthright


Today, I wake up in the morning, full of energy – not a burst of energy that is easily expended and depleted, but a slow-burning, steady energy that sustains me through my day.

In 2013, this was not the case. That year, every day, no matter what time I went to bed, I woke up tired. At 6 a.m. the day loomed before me like an insurmountable Everest. I remember getting my kids up and fed and bathed, and looking at the clock and thinking ‘No way – 8 am – I will never make it all the way through this day!’ And then my body would fill up with a kind of panic. Because, I literally did not feel that I could make it through the day – my energy was too low. This was not in my head, this was a physical reality.

It didn’t help that I had to take Benedryl soon after getting up, in order to calm down the angry, red hives that covered my body. The deep love I have for my children was what got me through those days, that and sheer will. I would tell myself ‘you can do this’ over and over. And I was a stay-at-home mom whose job was to cook, clean, and care for my little ones. I put everything I had into their care. If I had been forced to leave to a job where I had to drive and get ready and interact with adults, there is no way I would have made it, in a situation like that. I simply did not have enough energy.

I know a lot of women struggle with fatigue. Is this just life, just the way it is? No. I have proved otherwise by regaining my health, clarity and energy. But, it is crucial to understand that our bodies are comprised of various interconnected systems. If one of these systems goes down, or is compromised, a chain reaction ensues. Fatigue is one symptom that things are off.

Do we want to wait until we are in the doctor’s office undergoing tests, hearing bad news? Because that is the inevitable outcome of a life lived under stress, or with a diet that is taxing our system to the point that a domino effect of collapse is occurring within us, silently.

The first step is understanding how it all works. This is our health we are talking about, our very vitality. It is paramount. We can’t leave it to the professionals to understand how we work – sure we can rely on them to be the experts, but we can have a good grasp on how our own bodies work, so that we can instigate healing for ourselves. As women, we have an invaluable tool in our box, and that is intuition. Couple this tool with knowledge, and healing is accessible to us all, no matter how sick we are.

Depression – not situational sadness that is a normal part of life – but depression, that bleak feeling of hopelessness, or that life is too boring or too flat, is a symptom that our internal systems are failing. Before we have total health collapses like MS or cancer, our bodies send us subtle red flags that something is off. These include depression, fatigue, weight gain or difficulty losing or gaining weight, , loss of libido and brain fog. These symptoms are not ‘just part of life’. There are situational reasons for all of these, but if there are no explanations for these symptoms, we should not have to live with them.

It is our birthright to be vibrant. We each have something to offer this world, and this world needs us now more than ever. We were born to be bright, imaginative, energetic beings, with a zest for being alive. Anything less, and we are being short changed. Let’s not get to the last years of our life and be filled with regret. Let’s not die slow, miserable deaths as our bodies finally collapse from years of inner disease that we simply ignored.

Let this be the year we ALL choose healing!

My next post will start to dive into the mechanics of how our bodies work – a fascinating exploration into the reality within.

The Beginning

2013 was a very difficult year. It started off with a stressful trip to Hawaii in January, in which I thought I was moving home to Kauai, but the deal my husband had worked out for our living situation fell through. And so, I had to pack up my two little children and leave Hawaii. This was hard on me in many ways. It wasn’t until a year later that I began to understand the physical components of what the stress did to my body – how the mechanics of stress work, and the toll it actually takes on us.

Oh, we hear all the time how bad stress is for our health. But, how many of us understand how stress can cause an avalanche reaction within our bodies, leading to all sorts of issues? It is my intention, on this blog, to share not only my story of sickness and my journey into true health, but what I learned along the way, and how I accomplished the transformation from very sick to very well.

I am a reader by nature, it is an intrinsic part of who I am, and always has been. So, when my health crumbled around me, I dove in and researched. I read everything I could, I attended various summits on auto-immunity and health, in general. I now have so much information in my head, and I am ready to share, to shine a light for someone who may be stumbling through the darkness, as far as their health and wellness goes.

I will take the first few posts on this blog to talk about my own journey from disease to wellness, and how it all went down. 2013 was a rough year in which my health went downhill, and then 2014 was my year to heal. And let me tell you right now, one of the most important things I learned – our bodies desire wellness, they were built to heal themselves. If we take the time to understand what is happening in our bodies, and then give them the right tools, they WILL heal.

After I returned to California from that stressful trip to Hawaii, it was like I was standing on a hill in the rain, and the rain turned the ground under my feet to mud, until I lost my footing, and slowly slipped – on a physical level. I was tired, fatigued. There were ten pounds around my middle that would not go away. And then, in August the hives started. Oh how wonderful that was. I’m talking about swollen red welts all over my body – waking up like this every morning. They would go down during midday, then in the evening they were back – even worse. There were times that my face and neck were covered with them, and I felt that surely my throat was about to close up completely – a terrifying feeling.

I lived like this all year. At some point during the year I went to a doctor who said my thyroid hormone was low, and gave me a thyroid hormone replacement. I felt a tiny bit more energy after this, but otherwise my symptoms did not budge one bit.

In January of 2014 I went to a different doctor, she was actually a nurse practitioner. She tested not only my thyroid hormone levels, but my thyroid antibodies. Sure enough, the antibodies were elevated, and I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. This essentially means that my own immune system had turned on me, and was attacking my thyroid gland. Oh joy.

It took nine months after this diagnosis for my daily hives to go away. And let me say that if I had listened to the doctors, who said the only treatment for Hashimoto’s is to take thryroid hormone replacement, I would still be having daily hives. But, after my diagnosis in January, and after I had been taking their ‘cure’ for four months, and my hives were still in full force, I knew it was time to take my health into my own hands. Yes, the hormone replacement they prescribed helped, and I still take it. But it was definitely NOT the whole picture, as it did not address the underlying mechanisms had gone awry for me, I began researching with a vengeance, searching for the answer – I always believed that there was one, and that my body could be healthy again.

And it is. And now I am empowered with knowledge, and you can be, too.

After digging in and doing my research, I discovered that auto-immune conditions can be put into a state of remission. In other words, it is possible to stop the attacks in their tracks, and come completely out of all symptoms. It feels like you no longer have the condition. I believe I had a Hashimoto attack eleven years ago. It was awful, and I never did understand it. But, at that time, I unknowingly put it into remission through stress reduction and lifestyle changes. My Hashimoto’s was in a state of remission, until January of 2013 when stress triggered it again, and it flared up. This is an important understanding for anyone with an auto-immune condition, and I will delve into further in later posts.

For now, I will leave you with this thought – your health is your greatest asset, and knowledge is power. Empower yourself and know freedom, inside and out.