Winter Warm-up Soup

It is cold up here in the Pacific Northwest! At the beginning of the month, we had some  days where the world was softened with white, sounds muted by the quiet snow. Now it finally feels as if  the heart of winter has passed, and that Spring is just around the corner. But it isn’t here yet, and I look out my window at another grey, wet day.

I haven’t written here for a couple of months. January was full of activity, with both my daughter and my birthday’s, along with all the regular busyness of raising kids.

Then, during  the snow days, both my husband and son got the flu. It hit my little six-year old and held him down for days. It was hard to take care of him at the same time that I felt his suffering, almost as my own. Thankfully that is behind us, and health has been restored!

How do we warm ourselves up and keep our internal fire burning strong through this cold season? As usual, my remedy is born in the kitchen. I had this soup in the crock pot during our snowy days and it truly fortified me for all that I had to take care of. My family LOVES it when I make this, and I know it fortifies them, too.

Rosemary smells amazing. It also has anti-inflammatory properties, and helps keep our memory healthy. Living with Hashimoto’s, a memory boost is much appreciated 🙂  Garlic is a wonder plant. It has anti-bacterial properties that give our GI tract a tune-up. Garlic backs up the ‘good guys’ within our micrbiome – the little world going on within our bodies. Pepper is a powerhouse this time of year. Black pepper helps dry out any excess phlegm in the system. It also gives our internal fire extra pep – something we all need this time of year in the Northern hemisphere.



I invite you to make this soup. Cutting vegetables is a truly soothing activity, so even if you feel too tired, or too busy to try making this, consider taking a Sunday afternoon, or any time you have free, and doing it anyway. Put on your favorite music, use it as a time to BREATHE deeply and evenly. It always amazes me how centered I feel while I’m cutting vegetables. Maybe having our hands on earth’s bounty somehow makes us feel more connected to the natural environment. Whatever the reason, making this soup feels like a healing activity for me. And it is YUMMY.


First we create the broth. I have talked about the numerous benefits of bone broth in other posts. It will strengthen you from the inside out!


1. Buy quality grass-fed beef bones. Neck bones are fabulous, and it’s good if they have some meat still on.

2. Roast a few bones in the oven at 350 for 30 minutes, to bring out a yummy flavor.

3. Place bones in large stock pot and cover with 4 quarts of filtered water. You can easily double the amount by adding more bones and more water.

4. Add a couple tablespoons apple cider vinegar.

5. Let it sit without heat for twenty minutes. The vinegar will begin to pull minerals from the bones.

6. Add sea salt and ground black pepper. Bring to a boil for a couple of minutes.

7. Turn the heat to low, cover and let it simmer for 24 to 30 hours.

Soup Recipe

Slice three organic sweet onions and add them to a skillet with a tablespoon of olive oil over a medium-low heat. Add five cloves of garlic, and lots of fresh rosemary leaves. Sprinkle pepper over the mix. Stir often and let the onions lightly glaze.


Cut up your veggies. I use lots of zucchini, some red potatoes, sweet potatoes or yams, purple potatoes and carrots. Put these veggies into your crock pot. Scoop the top layer of fat off your broth with a ladle and pour it onto your veggies, careful to keep the bones out of the crock pot. Add the onion mixture, a generous amount of additional pepper, a few more garlic cloves, and sea salt to the pot. Browned beef chunks are also an option; I personally like it without beef chunks better, but both ways are good. Simmer on high for five hours, and enjoy. You can turn the heat to low and keep it in the pot for 24 hours, eating as desired. Keeping this in your system for a couple of days will fortify you, warm you up, and make you strong! The picture below shows my soup right as it’s starting to simmer in the crock pot. After it’s cooked, it will look more like stew. Oh so good!



A Brand New You


In this post I will introduce the concept that is the cornerstone of my healing work. The system of healing that I have developed and implemented in my own life relies heavily on the framework of this concept. Although seemingly esoteric, the work I have done on this level has proven most effective in actually healing Hashimoto’s. I believe that this theory will be a valuable addition to any healing program – including preventative ones.

The following is an introduction to the theory of the subtle body, the term I use to refer to what Deepak Chopra calls the quantum mechanical body. Chopra explains that in Ayurveda – the ancient system of healing from India – all of the organs and processes in the body have a quantum equivalent. Essentially, he is referring to the fact that each of us has a body that exists on the quantum level – a layer of ourselves so subtle that many of us have no idea that it exists.

I have always had a fascination with physics – how the material world works and the laws that govern it. When I began reading about quantum physics a few years ago, I was instantly captivated.

At the beginning of the last century, the great Albert Einstein began the shift in the scientific worldview away from the belief that the primary building blocks of reality are comprised of solid matter, to the new viewpoint that the smallest unit of matter is in fact, energy. Thus, quantum physics was born. The word quantum is defined as ‘the most basic unit of energy – from 10,000,000 to 100,000,000 million times smaller than the atom’. Einstein proved that rather than being solid matter – as was previously thought – the atom is actually made up of tiny bits of matter whirling at incredibly fast speeds around a relatively gigantic empty space. These bits of subatomic matter are vibrations of energy that have appeared like matter. And so, we now know that at its smallest level, matter is actually energy, and that at the most basic level of the human body exists a field of energy. This is not ‘woo-woo’ thinking – it is scientific fact.

How does all of this relate to our physical healing? In the words of Chopra, “when you strip off its physical mask, a cell is really a junction point between matter and consciousness, a station where the quantum mechanical body and the outside world intersect.” When we are healthy and whole in our cells, we experience true health and well being. Therefore, for any deep and lasting healing to occur, we must heal at a cellular level. We must connect with the quantum field, the very building block of matter, where the blueprint to our physical body exists.

In my next blog post – coming soon – I will discuss the next level of this concept, and how we can begin to influence our quantum mechanical, or subtle body, and bring about a brand new day in our lives, in which we are healthy, strong and empowered from the deepest inner level, out.

For now, consider the reality that you are made up of energy, and that science has identified this energy, and called it ‘quantum’. As you go through your day, check in periodically with this new knowledge and begin to embrace the empowering truth that there is more to you than you may have thought. Let it sink in: you have the ability to affect your cells and physical body by identifying with a newly discovered level of YOU.